2005 Hometown Music HTM CD

Recorded in Soca Rebels Studio Gothenburg, Sweden 2004
and Mapapi Studio California, USA 2004

Arranged by: Lars Hansson / Björn Hansson / Mats O Hansson
of Soca Rebels, Gothenburg, Sweden

Mixed by: Björn Hansson and Lars Hansson

14 Rebel Jam (One For De Road) (Edwin Ayoung)

For a list of other songs on the album check: Crazy’s Website

Lead Vocal: Crazy (Edwin Ayoung)
Toasting: Black Snake (Milton Hebbert-Watson)
Guitars: Lars Hansson
Bass: Björn Hansson
Keyboards, Drums & Percussion Programming: Mats O Hansson
Background Vocals: Sarah Hansson & Lars Hansson
Male Background Vocals: Lars Hansson, Björn Hansson & Mats O Hansson
Trumpet: Erik Rosenkvist
Trombone: Kristian Gustafsson