2004 Hometown Music HTM CD Crazy 001 CD

The idea that Soca Rebels was going to arrange and produce one of Crazy’s new songs for his 2004 album came up when Crazy performed with Soca Rebels in Stockholm May 2003!

Recorded in Soca Rebels Studio Gothenburg, Sweden 2003
and JW Records Studio New York, USA 2003
Arranged by: Lars Hansson / Mats O Hansson / Björn Hansson
of Soca Rebels, Gothenburg, Sweden
Tahiti Baby mixed by: Jon Evans
Sweeter Than Honey mixed by: Björn Hansson
Cover Design: Mats O Hansson

7 Tahiti Baby (Edwin Ayoung)
10 Sweeter Than Honey [Soca Rebels] (Edwin Ayoung)

For a list of other songs on the album check: Crazy’s Website
Lead Vocal: Crazy (Edwin Ayoung)
Guitars, Lead Vocal on Sweeter Than Honey: Lars Hansson
Keyboards: Mats O Hansson
Bass, Drums & Percussion Programming: Björn Hansson
Background Vocals: Sarah Hansson
Trumpet: Klas Nilsson
Trombone: Kristian Gustafsson