Here is in alphabetical order a list of songs we have performed or is performing live. Our current repertoire is about 20 songs. We always trying to put in new songs from the season as well as good old songs.

84 songs from 32 artists, including original songs from Soca Rebels.

Song Title Original Artist
Ah Coming Crazy
Ah Feeling To Party Black Stalin
Ahwoh Beti Crazy
All Aboard Atlantik
Andrea Crazy
Assets Red Plastic Bag
Big Belly Man Mac Fingall
Big Truck Machel Montano
Birthday Party Superblue
Black Power Shirlane Hendrickson
Body Talk Crazy
Calor Krosfyah
Careless Driver Drupatee
Carolyn Crazy
Cash It Crazy
Cat First, Dog Second Crazy
Chungsin Shirlane Hendrickson
Cold Sweat Crazy
Dancing Shoes Brother Resistance
De Party Hot Iwer George
De Party Now Start Crazy
Dis Is How Crazy
Dis Is Trouble Soca Rebels
Doctor’s Advice Crazy
Dollar Taxi
Don´t Try That Crazy
Electrician Crazy
Farmor Sväng Soca Rebels
Follow De Leader Nigel Lewis
Get Up & Dance Leston Paul
Gimme More Crazy
He Madd Crazy
Helpless Rupee
Hey Baby (Leh We Go) Sarah Hansson
Hot Hot Hot Arrow
Hope Rapso Rebel
In Time To Come Crazy
Jouvert Iron Shirlane Hendrickson
Judith Scrunter
Maruga Gahl Crazy
Mind Yuh Business Denyse Plummer
Movin’ Nigel Lewis
Muchacha Crazy
Music (Dingolay) Shadow
Nani Wine Crazy
Never Knew Sarah Hansson
Nice Time Troubadours
Oh Suzanna Atlantik
One Tune Pan Man Black Stalin
Party Hearty Soca Rebels
Paul (Yer Mudder Come) Crazy
Penelope Crazy
Ragga Poom Poom Anslem Douglas
Redemption Song Bob Marley
Rock It Merchant
Rock Steady Errol Ashe
Rosie Crazy
Show Me Shirlane Hendrickson
Soca Flight Soca Rebels
Soca Nation Soca Rebels
Soca Rebels Intro Soca Rebels
Somebody Baron
Soucouyant Crazy
Stamp On It Shirlane Hendrickson
Stranger Shadow
Sugar Bum Bum Kitchener
Sugar Dumpling Baron
Svettas Soca Rebels
Sweatin’ Krosfyah
Swing De Ting Shadow
Take Me Crazy
Teach The Youths Shirlane Hendrickson
The War Goes On Singing Sandra
This Is Madness Crazy
Ting Ting Iwer George
Turn Me On Kevin Lyttle
Uncle Crazy Crazy
Weakness For Sweetness Natahlie Burke
Wet Me Krosfyah
Who Let The Dogs Out Anslem Douglas
Wine Yuh Waist Prince Unique
Woa Donkey United Sisters
Yuh Crazy Crazy
Y2K Fever Shirlane Hendrickson